Ericsson Workplace Design in Athens

Designer: Vasileios Zygouris


Project: Workplace in Athens

Athens, Greece, 2013-2014

As a part of a larger strategic program, Ericsson has developed the Ericsson Workplace Design concept, a strategic model to be applied in buildings and workplaces throughout the global Ericsson Community. Graphics and colors are linked to Ericsson’s new brand.
Architecture and design shall give an open feeling, be up-to-date, yet have an understated, timeless expression, rooted in the same Scandinavian tradition as Ericsson.
Workplace Design, including additional functions, expressions and solutions, is designed to add value to Ericsson’s brand and business.
Our role is to give them fresh Design Ideas and to manage the people who they work to redesign Ericsson’s new offices in Athens.

– Responsible for overall project direction and guidance for meeting objectives as defined in the contract and agreed upon with the client.
– Ensure the quality and timeliness of deliverables.
– Ensure adherence to all security protocols required by the client.
– Provide direction, training and supervision for technical managerial staff.
– Interior Design with an emphasis on Scandinavian design.
– Monitoring and direction of the project.
– Graphic Design and Visuals.
– Kitchen design and special structures designed and adapted to the style of the company.
– Cooperation with their employees for the best possible result.

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